AGENT 1.22 Comic Series

 What started as an aspiring web series in 2007, the "Agent 1.22" comic  book is the cornerstone of the Agent 1.22 franchise. Issue 0 sets the  stage for our ongoing comic series where we explore the mystery that is  the Agency's top cyborg operative and her struggle to save the Earth  from invasion, while discovering who she really is. 


I was commissioned to create a set of pencil portraits of the original Star Trek cast for a set of Trading Cards (I'm a huge fan of the original show).    Shortly thereafter, I did a set of portraits for Xena (which I admit, I didn't know much about until this opportunity came along).


A long time ago in another universe.......

 At some point I will put up a more comprehensive list of projects I have been involved in ranging from card sets like Legend of the Five Rings to Role Playing Games and interior artwork spanning several decades.