Single Character, Simple Backdrop


$100 - Pencil

$150 - Ink

$200 - Color

Traditional characters sometimes require traditional mediums to truely capture their essence. Images are single-character drawings in your choice of pin-up, pose, or action. I prefer 11" x 14" 2-ply bristol for my inks, or 11" x 17" comic artboard. Character images can be pencils, inks, or colors - depending on the final look you desire.

You get:

  • Original Art Boards (11" x 14" 2-ply bristol or 11" x 17" comic artboards)
  • Color Prints of Finished Color Art (if applicable)
  • Digital File of Finished Color Art (usually 11" x 17", 150 dpi)
Val Halla
Cinnimon Cyanide

American Gladiator (Pencil)

American Gladiator (Ink)
American Gladiator (Color)