Oil Portraiture


$1,000 / sq. foot

An original Oil Painting can be a remarkable, timeless way to capture a person. I'm classically trained in methods taught by the old masters, using layers of glaze to build up colors that lead to a lustre photography can't easily produce. I prefer to paint large to allow for maximum detail and impact, often choosing to go 24" x 26" or more, although sometimes a subject can be treated quite well in a smaller format.  Oil Paintings are a detailed process and, to ensure a correct likeness, will require multiple photo-references and several stages of approval.

My general pricing for Oil Portraiture is $1,000 per square foot.  I add 25% per additional figure, and 25% for a detailed background.  I ask for 2 months per piece, but am negotiable under certain conditions.

You get:

  • Original Oil Painting on masonite board.
  • Framing is negotiable. Please inquire.