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Because of the large number of variables involved, it is sometimes difficult to give a specific price without discussing the nature of the project first. However, because most commissions center around a portrait of a real person or a sketch of a specific character, I've narrowed down my commission offerings to several different broad categories.

If you are interested in a commissioned piece, please send email to: darkjedi@ix.netcom.com


Other Considerations

Describe your Character in Detail

Character drawings are easiest when I'm provided with screenshots or other references. This helps me ensure the character looks like you imagine. Sometimes, however, a written description is all that exists. In either case, describing the personality of the character will help quite a bit for pose, expression, and overall mood. Make sure you include any physical details as well, such as tattoos or favorite items. Anything that isn't desribed or pictured in a screenshot will need to be interpreted and might not be correct.


I prefer to work 11" x 14" for both pen & ink and pencil pieces, while comic pieces are best on 11" x 17" comic artboard. For drawings, I will choose a double-ply bristol board that doesn't warp and holds detail well. If the piece is to be digitally colored, I'll email the file where space and side permits, but in some cases I might need to burn the piece to CD and mail the file to you. If your image is going to be created completely digital, I'll create printable images between 150-300 dpi, and Forum Signatures at 72 dpi.


Once I start a piece, I try to achieve a one-week turnaround. If a piece is required quickly, this will add to the cost because I am forced to re-arrange other contracts.


I assume the right to re-produce the final image in advertising, promotional, or commercial ventures. The person who requested the commission has limited right to reproduce the piece (for friends, family, gaming buddies, whatever...) and can't publish it without permission. I am quite negotiable on this and have allowed use on web sites, larger distributions, and so forth... just ask. However, if you request your piece never be re-used in a book of my art, advertisements, or other shameless self-promotion, this adds to the cost.


If you are interested in a commissioned piece, please send email to: darkjedi@ix.netcom.com. Include a detailed description of what you want and I will be able to give you a quote and a time line. I will only do sketches on play-mats at conventions because it is easier than mailing them back and forth.