$300 - Single character

+$100 Per additional character

Digital Imagery opens up a whole new set of effects rarely possible in traditional mediums. Using multiple 3D render packages, I create full environments that can showcase your character in beautiful color. My standard offering is a single character in a general setting. However, if the scene is better served with minor (general) villains, I'll often add those as needed. If the request calls for specific additional heroes, particular villains, or a certain group of enemies, then added cost will be necessary.

You get:

  • Digital File of Finished Color Art (usually 9" x 12", 150 dpi)
  • Color Print of Finished Color Art (usually 9" x 12". Larger prints up to 18" x 24" are available for +$10)
Salamane Inglorion
Val Halla
Chief Justice
Toastmaster vs Fury Monger
Crimson Storm
Fire Lily